We will answer any questions you have about the service

1.1 What is bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a digital currency that allows instant payments anywhere in the world. Uses peer-to-peer technology to operate; The money is issued and the transactions are collectively administered by the network, which means that there is no central authority. You can find a good introduction to bitcoin at https://bitcoin.org

1.2 How do bitcoin payments work?

The first step is to download a bitcoin electronic wallet to your computer or mobile device. Then, you can buy bitcoin in one of several online exchanges, as well as in many traditional retailers and bitcoin ATMs or exchange houses. When you buy bitcoin, you are credited to your electronic wallet almost instantly, and you are free to make transactions directly with an increasing number of merchants.

1.3 Why should I use a bitcoin gaming site rather than one featuring traditional payment methods?

Bitcoin is a great option for a number of reasons:

  • Quicker processing times (instant deposits and withdrawals)
  • The currency and its infrastructure provide you with greater privacy (an email address is all you need to create an account)
  • No payment processing costs, and it eliminates the risk of credit card fraud
  • Complete control over the security of your funds

1.4 How do you ensure the security of my funds?

We employ industry-leading security practices to keep your funds safe. All deposited funds are sent directly to an offline cold-wallet, out of reach of potential hackers. Our online hot-wallet contains only enough bitcoins to process a day’s worth of transactions, and is replenished on a daily basis.

1.5 Where can I store my bitcoins?

There are many different options available to you when it comes to setting up a wallet. This is like deciding which bank you want to use, most portfolios offer the same services and are free to use, so you just have to choose the one you like the most and feel comfortable with. There are also options to have portfolios stored on your computer or even without an Internet connection, in the form of paper wallets. Security is the most important thing to consider when choosing a wallet and that is why we show you some wallets of some very popular companies.

You can use any bitcoin wallet of your choice.

  • Copay: wallet with private keys and the option of multiple signatures.
  • Mycelium: one of the most practical and secure wallets with private keys
  • Blockchain: one of the safest and oldest wallets, offers private keys
  • Jaxx: wallet with private keys and supports multiple currencies
  • Coinomi: offers private keys and supports multiple currencies and tokens
  • Circle: the best way to use credit or debit cards to buy Bitcoin
  • Coinbase: the largest and best bank transfer portfolio in the United States
  • BitStamp: the best for bank transfers in the European Union and customers in the same area
  • Coins.ph: a very innovative wallet with a network of ATMs (Philippines) Do a local search for a good wallet, which gives you liquidity to buy and sell easily. More information about portfolios here - Bitcoin.org

1.6 Where can I buy bitcoins?

There are many ways in which you can do this and they all depend on where you are. With the growing global market and the demand for Bitcoins, every day it is easier to find reliable sources to buy Bitcoins.

There are many options such as bitcoin ATMs, exchange houses and of course web pages. The first thing you should do is set up your Bitcoin wallet.

Some of the most popular pages are:

  • LocalBitcoins.com: you can meet someone face to face or buy bitcoins online safely.
  • Changing: Excellent option to buy with a credit card from anywhere in the world.
  • Romit: a large network of ATMs around the world (also look for any local Bitcoin ATM).
  • Coins.ph - This is a great option for the Philippines
  • Bitpesa - An easy way to buy in Africa.
  • Coinmama.com: allows you to buy bitcoins with a credit card from anywhere in the world.
  • Buda.com: an easy way to buy bitcoins in Latin America through a bank deposit.
  • Or any exchange located in your country ... Now there are hundreds of them, just look in your area

1.7 How much does registration cost?

The registration is totally free

1.8 How do I make a deposit?

Click on the “deposit” button. We will automatically generate a new bitcoin address for every transaction – copy this address into your e-wallet and instantly send as many bitcoins as you would like. If you are using a mobile wallet you can deposit by simply scanning the QR code accompanying this unique address.

1.9 What is the minimum deposit amount?

$ 5 (USD)

1.10 What is the maximum amount of deposit?

There is no maximum deposit amount.

1.11 How long does it take to reflect my deposit?

Your bitcoins will be reflected in your account when there are 3 Blockchain confirmations. This usually takes a few minutes, but sometimes it can take hours depending on the level of priority you choose in your portfolio and the speed of the blockchain.

1.12 What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

The minimum withdrawal is 5 USD

1.13 What is the maximum withdrawal amount?

There is no maximum withdrawal amount.

1.14 How long will my withdrawal take to be processed?

The vast majority of withdrawals are processed instantly. However, for security reasons it is necessary for us to process very large withdrawals manually, which will result in a short delay. If you have any concerns about a withdrawal please don’t hesitate to contact support@playerbitcoin.com with your transaction details.

1.15 What are the withdrawal fees?

The current fund withdrawal fee is 2%. This value can be changed at any time because Blockchain commissions may vary.

2.1 How much does a ticket cost?


2.2 How do I buy a ticket?

From your control panel you select the price of bitcoin for your ticket and your click on buy.

2.3 How many tickets can I buy?

You can buy the tickets you want

2.4 How much bitcoin price margin does a ticket give me?

Each ticket gives a margin of 5 USD. Example 8350 to 8354.99 USD.

2.5 What is the time limit for the sale of tickets for the draws?

The deadline for FREE users is at 21:00 GMT the day before the draw. For VIP users, the deadline is 23:59:59 GMT the day before the draw.

2.6 What happens if I want to buy a ticket after the deadline?

Your ticket will not play in the next draw but in the subsequent one.

2.7 At what time are the winners defined?

At 21:00:00 GMT

2.8 Who defines the winners?

The winners are defined by www.coinmarketcap.com

2.9 How do I know that the results are not manipulated?

The price that defines the winners is not determined by PLAYERBITCOIN but by an external agent (Coinmarketcap), the cumulative and ticket purchase data can be monitored by all users and we are backed by blockchain technology to ensure transparency.

2.10 How much do I earn if I hit the bitcoin price?

The prize corresponds to the accumulated of the day divided equally in the number of winners.

2.11 Can I buy an automatic ticket?

If you can, the system will assign you a random value that can go up to 2000 USD above or below the current price.

2.12 If I am a winner, how long do I receive the prize?

The prize is automatically credited to your virtual wallet and you can withdraw it immediately.

2.13 Can I get benefits by inviting people to play?

Yes, you can generate big profits thanks to our powerful rewards plan for references.

2.14 Do I also earn for the guests of my referrals?

If you win up to level 8 of depth. You can check our rewards plan to have the complete information.

3.1 What is the FREE plan?

It is a benefit plan that you can access totally free with the sole fact of registering.

3.2 What benefits do I have being FREE?

You can participate in all the draws and build a team of players that generate commissions on a daily basis.

3.3 How can I be a FREE user?

With just register you are already a FREE user

3.4 When does my FREE plan expire?

If you create a user and do not perform any activity, your account will be inactivated after 90 days. If you participate in draws or build equipment your account will not expire.

4.1 What is the VIP plan?

It is a plan that provides exclusive benefits for visionary entrepreneurs, who want to increase their chances of winning and significantly increase their income.

4.2 What are my benefits as a VIP?

  • You have three (3) hours more time to buy tickets
  • Access to privileged information on betting statistics, trend studies and bitcoin price forecasts.
  • Participate in the profits of the company through the purchase of PSR.
  • Generate residual profits with the VIP referral plan.
  • Participation in the rewards plan for leaders.
  • Earn exclusive awards from the lifestyle program.
  • Access free digital services.

4.3 How can I become a VIP user?

Acquiring your cover for only 50 USD

4.4 When does my VIP plan expire?

Your VIP plan will expire in 180 days if you have not purchased a PSR. If you have one active, your VIP plan expires on the day your PSR expires.

5.1 What is a PSR?

The PSR (ProfitSharingRight), are expiring variable securities. We created this financial figure to allow investors who believe in the project to obtain dividends from the profits obtained by the company.

5.2 What is the price of the PSR?

200, 500, 1000, 3000, 5000 and 10000 USD

5.3 How many PSR can I buy?

You can buy the ones you want

5.4 What daily bonus does my PSR give me?

Each PSR produces an approximate gain between 0.3 and 0.4%. These values ​​can be modified at any time.

5.5 What days does my PSR generate bonuses?

From Sunday to Sunday.

5.6 When does my PSR expire?

It expires when it reaches 200%.

5.7 How can I get to 200% of my PSR faster?

The PSR sales commissions generated by your team of VIP players accelerate the time to reach 200%.

5.8 If I have several PSR which is accelerated by team bonuses?

They are accelerated in order of seniority.

5.9 Why do PSR generate me monthly tickets?

So that all users are committed to the company's philosophy and the accumulated ones are more attractive, benefiting VIP users with the increase of probabilities in the success of the raffles. It also guarantees that the company is self-sustaining. These make VIP users earn higher residual commissions for the tickets generated per month on their team.

5.10 How many monthly tickets does each PSR generate?

PSR Value Tickets
200 USD  1
500 USD  2
1.000 USD 3 
3.000 USD  9 
5.000 USD  15
10.000 USD  30 

5.11 Where does the money generated by my PSR come from?

50% of the money that comes into the company from the sale of tickets is destined for the payment of the rewards program including the PSR.